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A Job Well Done!

Dr. Vernard Gant has been in Christian education for many years, going before many of us in the work. Listen in as he shares his background and passion for God's children. 

Representation: Why It Matters

David, Joel, and Jenny discuss the need for representation as well as what hinders us from being truly representative of the diversity we want in our communities. For questions, comments, and push back, please reach out to us at 

Let’s Talk Terms

Join Jenny Brady, Joel Hazard, and David Robinson as they wrestle with terminology, how definitions have changed, and how we always need to assume positive intent when talking with others. 


What does starting new look like?

Join Joel Hazard and Jenny Brady as they discuss what it looks like to start over in new schools and build programs. 

What We Learned

Thinking back to the 2021 Christian Educators Diversity Symposium, Tymarcus Ragland and Jenny Brady discuss what they learned, share some resources, and better explain the overall goals of the symposium.  

What do “la chancla” and “échale vaporu” have to do with the classroom?

We are joined by an amazing 3rd year teacher whose first year teaching didn't just require familiarizing himself with the classroom, but also becoming acclimated to Christian schools and their unique cultures. We are grateful for Miguel Sifuentes, his impact on Christian schools and his help in better understanding how we can come alongside other new teachers. 

Moving Past Fears

During this episode, we discuss various fears associated with with the work. Fears for those that find themselves in the majority and fears for those in the minority. If you desire a place to work through the fears with brothers and sisters in education, consider attending the 2021 Christian Educators Diversity Symposium June 6th-8th by registering at

Civility of Discourse

As salt and light to the world, we oftentimes need a reminder to be courteous in our speech, especially when it comes to controversial topics. Diversity of thought can bring out passions in all of us. How do we effectively show the difference between Christians and their speech in comparison to the world? 

Responding to politics in the classroom

So many strong feelings are associated with politics. As we train students on how to wrestle with ideas, how do help them navigate through our political climate? Listen in as we discuss the classroom environment, classroom instruction and other areas of influence for our students, staff and administration. 

Struggling with Partiality in Christian Schools

Is there a time when partiality is appropriate for Christian schools? How does partiality affect diversity, equity and inclusion efforts? Join Tymarcus, Cindy, Dan and Jenny as they wrestle with this hard topic in our school communities. 

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