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Civility of Discourse

As salt and light to the world, we oftentimes need a reminder to be courteous in our speech, especially when it comes to controversial topics. Diversity of thought can bring out passions in all of us. How do we effectively show the difference between Christians and their speech in comparison to the world? 

Responding to politics in the classroom

So many strong feelings are associated with politics. As we train students on how to wrestle with ideas, how do help them navigate through our political climate? Listen in as we discuss the classroom environment, classroom instruction and other areas of influence for our students, staff and administration. 

Struggling with Partiality in Christian Schools

Is there a time when partiality is appropriate for Christian schools? How does partiality affect diversity, equity and inclusion efforts? Join Tymarcus, Cindy, Dan and Jenny as they wrestle with this hard topic in our school communities. 

What are HBCU’s and why are they important for Christian schools?

Today's episode includes guest speaker, Antoinette Iroko, as she explains why she chose an HBCU over a PWI for law school. We also give a short background of HBCU's and sororities and fraternities. 

Back to School Training

Tymarcus, Cindy, Dan and Jenny spoke to faculty and staff before school started about the concept of Biblical Justice and the meanings of terms such as bias, racism, black lives matter, privilege and more. This podcast was recorded to hopefully help other schools better understand what took place as well as to answer the questions that came from the faculty and staff who listened in. Attached are some of the aspects covered. 

A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory by Timothy Keller

Community Values


Malcolm X, MLK or Mahatma Gandhi. Monuments, statues and our history.

Without discussing our opinions before this podcast, we hope you are able to hear a diversity of thoughts on whether to remove or keep the many statues in our nation. Antoinette Iroko, a Christian school alum, joins us for this podcast. 

Clarity while Returning to School

Are you wondering about the different perspectives of those returning to school during Covid and the racial unrest? How should these perspectives affect what you do moving forward? Listen in as Jenny Brady, Cindy De León, Dan Panetti and Tymarcus Ragland share their thoughts, what they have heard, and what they have experienced as we all get ready for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Often Overlooked: A Frank Conversation with Moms of Special Needs Children

Children with different abilities are often overlooked in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. Listen in as Mandye Robinson and Julie Sparks talk about their hopes and dreams for their children including how Christian educators play a role. 

Being a Black Male Teacher in Christian Schools

Jenny Brady and Dan Panetti sit down with Tymarcus Ragland to have a frank conversation about being "one of the only" in Christian education. 

Conversations with Alumni Part 2

Listen to a group of Christian school alumni talk about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion work in Christian schools. 

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